Not having our own facility and operating out of our home did not allow us to leverage and grow our wellness practice at the pace and level it should’ve grown.  It was a great start but not ideal for scaling.

We want to solve the problem of business stagnation by providing a place where like- minded businesses craft a new and powerful narrative of progress, creativity, and victory while doing the same for their clients.  Our goal is to foster a platform and space that enables these wellness-related practices to come together and gain momentum by offering a place where entrepreneurs can collaborate, access professional development, foster creativity and engage clients in unique and meaningful ways.

The Coworking Village

Who ARE the Protagonists of The COWORKING Wellness Village?

YOU--The personal trainer/yoga instructor or fitness professional who wants to increase his/her client base but does not have the facility or equipment to train.  Membership allows this professional to AVOID training illegally out of a gym while leveling up their services with dedicated training space to exercise their clients.

YOU--The life coach who primarily works with clients in a virtual setting but wants to start offering group sessions where he/she can meet and facilitate various activities. The COWORKING Wellness Village is ideal for this coach who wants to teach group classes while incorporating the amenities and resources available.

YOU-  The leader of a small home-study group that may focus on weight loss or general life improvement. Change the weekly location to The COWORKING Wellness Village and take advantage of resources and space that will enhance the small group experience. The COWORKING Wellness Village can accommodate both large and small study groups.

Picture your life transformation group studying and then finishing with a 30-minute exercise session at the end!


You—The mental health counselor will find The COWORKING Wellness Village ideal for engaging clients at a level that allows them to relax and release thus paving the pathway to progress and healing.  Privacy is an option with our room scheduling system.

You-- The __________________________________________ (fill in the blank)

Like what you hear but not sure if your business is a good fit?

Schedule a tour so we can chat and learn more about you and your business and help you arrive at a solid conclusion.

Who are the Antagonists?



Current location not ideal

Lack of resources and amenities

The Solopreneur Struggle

The COWORKING Wellness Group is the immediate hero to help you overcome these antagonists and develop the kind of story you want to tell about your business.

The Space